Can You Use A Baseball Glove For Softball? – Explained

As per the current stats by Glove Experts, the Baseball glove for Softball depends upon the weather condition like spring, snow, and more. Players generally exclaimed that the baseball glove in a slow-pitch game is possible if we try. In the end, it’s a natural progression to play slow-pitch Softball once your baseball career has finally come to an end.

You can continue this blog to learn more about baseball cleats for the final time, as we’ll break down as per the pros and cons of using your baseball glove in slow-pitch softball games with detailed explanations.

Are Baseball And Softball Gloves The Same?

Baseball and softball gloves are generally not the same.

The primary reason is that the baseball glove is relatively smaller than the softball glove. Small gloves representing the ball will hardly fit into the baseball glove. This is vital for outfielders who need the entire palm to protect the pop fly.

See the difference in sizing between a baseball and a softball:

Baseball softball difference via baseball angle

Ball Color Circumference
Baseball White 9 Inches
Softball Yellow 12 Inches

Here, the added 3 inches on the ball might not seem larger than the 9 inches of a baseball. In outlook, pitchers in baseball can pitch curve balls through three fingers. Further, the players with large hands are able to throw the Softball using their five fingers to confirm the accuracy of the Softball.

Wearing A Baseball Glove While you play Softball

Wearing a baseball glove for Softball might make it tough to squash the actual Softball. Providing a smaller glove might be highly beneficial in rotating a double play while playing the infield. Though, playing the outfield can be tough to catch the football under a small circumference.

If at all you’re a former baseball player and do the transition to Softball, it would be quite easier to wear a baseball glove and spin the ball within the infield, similar to wear a smaller glove in baseball to obtain the ball out quickly.

Even so, it’s quite effective to use the small glove to acquire a ball out quicker; you have a greater chance the ball will get a “snow cone” out of it.

What is a snow cone in Softball?

While the ball slips out of the mitt, you either have only two options – one is to bounce out or stay just scarcely in the top of the glove, similar to the snow cone.

Whereas, the smaller glove and a bigger ball will have a progressive chance of having snow cone plays and end-up in trouble which is the drawback.

Could the Outfielders wear Baseball Gloves While Playing Softball?

If you have a smaller glove, that might end-up in a higher chance of snow coming the ball or resulting in pop-out.

Small baseball gloves attempting to catch bigger balls need detailed timing to squeeze and protect the ball into the mitt.

Though, a larger glove offers more opportunity for the ball to fall firmly into the mitt for a protected catch. Here, we try to recommend outfielders to escape from the baseball glove while playing Softball.

What is the Difference Between A Baseball Glove & A Softball Glove?

  • One major difference between a baseball glove and a softball glove is majorly the size of the mitt. The glove can give the softball size because the Softball is better in circumference (ranges in 3 inches).
  • Secondly, a softball glove and a baseball glove may differ in inches from the ball-catching surface. Due to this, Softball is larger than baseball, which accommodates the large area of the Softball due to its large size.

Softball gloves characteristically measure around 14″ & 13″ inches. Baseball gloves can also measure at 10-12″ approximately.


If you Already Own A Baseball Glove:

Here, you might have to spend money and afford a new glove for slow-pitch Softball. Additionally, you need not worry about the new launch of a glove- If at all you have the existing glove (broken). You may also be familiar with the glove you’re currently using from the first underhand pitch.

Added to this, you may even have a chance to see the size of your baseball glove, depending on the position that you’re playing.

The Baseball Glove Fits Your Hand Perfectly:

If your glove’s leather is softened up, when you look up, the glove’s inner side is most likely fashioned effortlessly to your hand.

According to the recent report- Glove Cowboy from Marucci states that “A glove is the only fits your hand, its more the leather interacts with you.” Mostly, often you wear the glove (baseball, fast pitch, or slow pitch), the higher the ratio of hand slot will shape to the contours of your hand.