What Does Copium Mean in Twitch Chat? | Copium in Gaming

What does Copium mean?

Copium is the blend of two words: cope (progress of doing something) and opium (a drug). The word “cope” will be used during the attack that reaches wrong conclusions via irrational thought processes. During this process, you might say they are coping with their situation.


This term is also imagined by the meme character ‘Pepe the Frog,’ which exposes the meme hooked to a Copium tank.

Prior, the copium was utilized as a response to a political situation. However, later this term became more popular, majorly among teenagers in related to youth.

Alternatively, this term is also utilized in the world of esports to define a player. Or maybe a team was looking for a reason to trust them even though they received low results.

History of the word Copium:

  • Regarding the initial usage of this term- it started on Twitch and Reddit to represent the status of US elections.
  • Later, we learned that this particular term’s early usage happened in 2003 when singer Keak da Sneak launched his album called Copium.
  • Years later, this term was used in 2018 by a common user, 4chan. Later, the copium then was approved by Twitch users.
  • In accordance with the past few years, it has been recognized as a new trend on Twitch. Even though this term was first generally considered as a Reddit and Twitch to express their distress, when Donald Trump happened to win the election in 2016.
  • Finally, this term has given a new representation: “Make America Great Again” after Joe Biden won the election after Trump.

Copium in gaming

Where did Copium come from?

Regarding the above topic, we know how the Copium word/term got familiar among people.
Soon enough, the meme has made it quite easy to run a game. It is an instant settling widely recognized and used in streaming memes.

What is the Copium emote?

Here, you have many variations of the Copium emote, but the effective & well-known Copium emote features Pepe the Frog. Eventually, this emotes even has its oxygen mask and tank involved with Pepe, with “COPIUM” written on the tank.

Tears are systematic down Pepe’s cheeks to drive home. This point is that Copium users are just attempting to avoid the certainty of a bad loss. Copium might make you feel a little better, but it isn’t a drug that will cure your win/loss record.

Copium drives beyond Twitch emotes, with the word fetching the standard streaming language for any sort of excuse someone might give for any believable reason, like a messy room.

Copium comes in numerous shapes and sizes, but if you have anything – Copium users might know, it’s really bad.

What does Copium mean on Twitch and Reddit?

By producing the word “copium,” the term develops ironically in the fact that users compare the act of managing with a drug. However, it is required by some people to endure, and it is addictive.

Where Did Copium Become Popular on Twitch Chat?

One of the most current definitions of Copium was posted by Urban Dictionary user enterprise1701, who well-defined the term as “a metaphorical opiate inhaled when challenged with loss, failure or defeat, particularly in sports, politics & other tribal settings.”

Copium on Twitch chat is not that general, but it is certainly a meme with a lot of history behind it, and it was used in a more political context later in 2016. For example, it has been a commonly shared meme in the last two US executive elections.


It's a set of two terms: 'cope' and 'opium,' and it's a joke term used to define a fictional drug. Where consumed after suffering a loss, defeat, or disappointment. For example, you could lose seven games of Valorant back-to-back, and your viewers might propose that you should consume a hearty dose of copium.

Everyone on Twitch, Reddit, and some Youtube videos almost uses Copium. In fact, at times the certain meaning of the word looks blurred, as people use it in random places.

However, since it exclusively has a chance for word dying, there are very few.


The term ‘copium’ is common among teenagers, but it has its own political history throughout the years. Even so, this term is also fun to utilize. But like any other term, we better be wise when using any new term in our daily life.