What is the 177013 Manga? – Explained

As a reference to various types of Manga which are worth binge-watching. But do we always expect something more peculiar and particular? Isn’t it?

In general, Mangas are usually represented as graphic novels or comic books that are of Japanese origin & characters. Here, it has a twist and is typically sequential in newspapers and magazines. Yes, coming back to this blog, here you can get full-fledged information regarding 177013 Manga and its related sources that might help you in one or another way.

Whereas, it is a courageous plot planned by a Japanese-American artist, who states the number 177013 which strongly haunted many fans of manga. Though, there are lots of people who weren’t familiar with the number 177013 is? You may have various questions rising in your mind stating – Why is it so viral? Dive into this blog and know the reason for such a sensation.

What does the number 177013 mean?

The actual representation of 177013 is another name that indicates the manga series called Metamorphosis. The hentai formerly ran between the years 2013 July, and March 2016. And it wasn’t ready until November 2016 that the manga was authoritatively publicized by the author to be accomplished and rendered in English. Later, it was posted on the internet as Metamorphosis.


In Japanese, Emergence is also referred to as the word Henshin or Metamorphosis. When comes the author of this hentai manga, who is actually a Japanese-American artist — ShindoL.

The Metamorphosis series entirely depends upon a girl, Saki. As we know, 177013 is the wide-search in recent times.

In accordance with the above information, this is the reason hentai manga is infamous on the internet due. It can also be due to some awe-inspiring dark and dark styles, generated by ShindoL. “177013,” the code for “177013”, denotes the page number that shows the Manga available on the doujinshi for hentai and manga. Using the manga, unbelievably sad, tragic, and untrue events might get triggered due to Mc.

Finally, she dies. It’s a desperate tale that puts the readers disturbed and overwhelmed at the climax. Whereas, it has an alternative ending, though it is not accessible or working currently. Go with the flow of this blog to know more about the 177013 Manga storyline.

Why is it Called 177013 Manga?

Manga is the general name given to Japanese anime series. At the same stretch, 177013 Manga because the number is utilized as an identity to recognize a doujin which was published on the internet. 177013 is one of the website’s page addresses where the Manga is defined as Emergence is identified.

The Storyline of 177013 Manga

When it comes to the Storyline of 177013, Saki Yoshida – a senior in high school (age 15 and 16) in the absence of social life, resolves to do a chief change right after high school admission. Where, Saki Yoshida is about a teenage girl, who is mentioned as a philanthropist. Though, when life turned out to be progressively boring and tedious for a long time, she stroked that life was entirely boring and exhausting. She desired and was determined to change herself.

Saki, a studious girl, gradually turned to stay sexy, and very flirtatious Saki Yoshida. Though she is far into drugs, completely enjoys rebellion and luxury. In reference to this, the girl discovered she was pregnant which was pretty shocking, but she decided to keep the baby. Then, she realized to change her lifestyle and earn money to raise her baby.

Due to her worst behaviors in the past, she wasn’t accepted by her own friends during her tough time. In which, she was severely suffering from abusive actions. Unfortunately, she couldn’t stay up with her little baby. One day, she happened to use a public toilet, there she looked in the mirror, and her agony made her powerless to identify herself. Finally, Ms. Saki Yoshida chose to end her life by intaking all the drugs at the same time.


“177013” would become the most popular on the r/animemes subreddit, being featured on image macros and exploitable.

The popularity and the notoriously grim ending of the hentai have led to the creation of an alternate ending, involving characters from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, who give Saki Yoshida, the protagonist of Metamorphosis a fresh start.

This alternate ending is widely referred to by the number 265918, which was included in various memes, that are usually praising or thanking the creator of the alternate finale.

The Downside of this Manga

One of the major downsides of the 177013 Manga is that it contains a lot of filler chapters that contain graphics that are not drawn well. This can cause readers of the manga to be frustrated. An interesting way to enjoy the manga is to go through the Japanese translation of the 177013 manga.


How do I find the manga of 177013?

This manga can also be read through an online manga called hentai. Simply, search through Google for “metamorphosis Hentai”. Connect through the appropriate website. Though, we recommend not using hentai, as it is a tragic story of an innocent girl.

What is the ending of metamorphosis manga?

Miserably, she happens to die due to her over usage of drugs. Obsessed with Suicide: Saki resolves to intake a lethal dose at the end of the story.

Is Metamorphosis a hard read?

Kafka’s story is comparatively highly readable. Here there is no way for hard-to-understand or confusion in narration, you can easily understand philosophical passages or confusing plot twists.

What is the hidden message in Metamorphosis?

The Metamorphosis represents how in contemporary society humans are cut off from one another and isolated from the human connection gradually. Hence, it is a story.