How to Fix Windows 11 Volume Mixer Keeps Changing Automatically Going Up/Down

Using this blog, you can find the best & direct way to fix the windows 11 volume mixer that keeps changing issues. Track the given methods one by one until you find the proper solution and active windows 11 access. Let’s get started.

How to Fix Volume Automatically Going Up / Down in Windows 11

Method 1: Through Control Panel

  • Use the Start Menu and control panel settings.
  • Make use of the active Control Panel, pick the small icons > “Sound” option.
  • Choose the current speaker and tap “Properties” in the upcoming window. Then access through the “Improvements” tab, and validate that no box is active.

Method 2: Through Services

  • Using Windows 11, most of the functions are linked to services that permit them to work as they should; in this case, use the start search engine, and type “services”.
  • Pick the local Windows 11 services > pick the “Windows Audio” service using the Services window.
  • Further, double-tap on it to find the properties. Validate the “Automatic” option using the “Startup type” field.

Reference Video

Method 3: Through Device Manager

  • Whereas, the audio peripheral is much related to the driver for its correct operation. So, access the Device Manager using the Start option.
  • Make use of the Display section to select the “Sound and video controllers and game devices”, right-click on the controller > “Update driver”.
  • Hit the “Browse my PC for drivers”. “Choose from a list of drivers available on the PC”.
  • Then, choose the driver offered by Windows 11.
  • Finally, select Next to apply the changes.

Method 4: Through the Troubleshooter

  • Windows 11 fit in a tool to provide a complete solution for all the problems of the different elements, using the Troubleshooter. Use the option and give “solution” in the search engine.
  • Pick “Fix other problems”, then select “Audio playback” > “Run”.
  • Move on with the analysis. Select “See detailed information” to ensure the process has been handled well or not.

5 Fix Steps – Reference Video


Hope the given guidelines have helped you out with controlling the volume management in your Windows 11. In this way, you might have solved the different problems that may arise regarding the speaker on the computer.