Best Image Viewer Apps for Windows 11 – Free

Want to enhance your photo viewing quality? When you are glimpsing your photos on your active computer, we can use the tool that Windows 11 itself participates in or connect via third-party alternatives. In the current market, we have the option to find the wide variations in it and let’s look up on it. Whereas, these are visors that can reflect light and make them as functional as possible. So, open up the other proposals if the Photos application with Windows 11 does not seem influential enough.

Eventually, when we are focusing on the best image viewer apps for Windows 11, we won’t need powerful retouching tools like Adobe Photoshop. These are generally full of functions that may not be used.

List of Best Image Viewer Apps for Windows 11

  • Movavi Photo viewer
  • Faststone
  • Apowersoft Photo Viewer
  • ComicsViewer
  • Picasa

Movavi Photo viewer

movavi photo viewer screenshot image

Then comes, the best photo viewer for windows 11 is Movavi Photo Manager. It comes with the most effective & advanced feature-rich tools, Movavi stands as one of the leading tools to view & edit.

With reference to the other apps, it can enable you with a wide range of image formats. This app can support some other Photoshop-like features and capabilities to establish the edit by the user on their photo or for enhancing it.

Movavi can locate a duplicate image to replace the deleted one, and helps in sorting out the required ones using your geolocation, data, and other forms of metadata. Meanwhile, the user interface is also enriched with a breeze to browse through.

This can support you in generating albums via the app’s face recognition source, which is a truly unique feature that other apps fail to have.

On the other hand, it comes with a built-in search bar and holds large amounts of images. Due to these features, Movavi is such a good product, we recommend this app for the user to expect more additional & advanced features during their photo view segment.


faststone image viewer screenshot

Concerning the photo viewer option, it comes with more required photographic editing tools, like advanced ones for treating colors and various digital effects. Whereas, these are distributed on one side of the display interface and eventually at the bottom and top. In sequence, while the process of dealing the folders with many photos, the program may take part to begin. You can download FastStone directly by using the link.

Apowersoft Photo Viewer

apowersoft photo viewer screenshot

In contrast, we have one more support with the same type that might be more useful which can be a substitute for the Windows photo viewer. Some features define this program and that gives more interesting support for many. For example, we can use the highlight that Apowersoft Photo Viewer offers like a straightforward and spontaneous user interface. Hence, it is quite supportable for Windows 11 systems.

On the other hand, the application permits access to the most familiar image formats instantly. Therefore, we won’t find any issue with the files we work with, enabled with usual JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, or even RAW, among others. Whereas, this program permits taking screenshots or other editing functions.


comicsViewer screenshot

An image viewer made specifically for viewing scanned comics is called ComicsViewer. The programme rotates your view of images while your screen is in portrait mode and may change the colours, contrast, and other components on the fly. A slide show is available.


picasa image viewer screenshot

Picasa is an app created by Google, Inc. that enables users to view and arrange photos on their PCs. Picasa goes through every photograph on your HD and displays them in an attractive way.

Note: To concentrate on Google Photos’ single photo service, Google has now decided to shut down Picasa.


Does Windows 11 have a built-in Photo Viewer?

When it comes to Windows 11, it uses the built-in Photos app as its default picture viewer. The Photos app in Windows 11 is also denoted to be good & user-friendly. If there is nothing seriously wrong with using the Photos app, it’s no longer a simple image viewer. Hence, it is enhanced with image enhancement tools that most users won’t be using in a proper way.

Is windows 11’s Photos app any good?

Windows 11 Photo app is quite easy and good to handle. If the user needs an additional feature to enhance their photo quality or any other editing setup, they can switch to other Photo viewing app for windows 11.