What is the Neeva Search Engine? | Is this an Ad-free browser? – Explained

What Is the Neeva Search Engine?

Neeva is a trending search engine that is designed by Sridhar Ramaswamy, a well experienced & recognized Google employee. Further, he was a vice president of advertising and commerce at Google company between the years 2013 and 2018. Whereas, Neeva launched in the US concerning the waiting list in 2021, and in late 2022, connected to the UK, France, and Germany in a full-fledged manner.

We can also describe him as a known expert who knows ins and outs of tracking users for marketing drives, it’s absolutely Ramaswamy.

Aim of Neeva

As we know, Neeva is an effective search engine, that is subsidized by subscriptions- rather than any other relative ideas on advertisements. This is evident that it doesn’t track users’ confidential, and aims to preserve privacy above all else.

This may sound great, right? Search engines usually convert to money by tracking users and providing “appropriate” adverts. If you use the subscription model, Neeva doesn’t require you to be more scared of personal details- this Neeva browser keeps you more secure.

Neeva provides the users “the only ad-free, private search engine,” and its privileges to be free of affiliate links, too.

You will be having the subscription price ranging from $4.95 per month to $5.00 per month.

neeva search engine pro plans


  1. Once you have signed-up for Neeva, you can either utilize the search engine on Neeva.com.
  2. Alternatively, you can even download an extension for your browser, also for the mobile app eventually suitable for the iPhone. Here, the extension initiates that, it may provide you with more protective online search or support by effectively blocking trackers.
  3. If the user spends more time on Neeva, reference to reading the Privacy policy and Terms & Conditions. Neeva seems a well-intentioned idea, but you need to think twice before committing.

Other Features of Neeva

Hence, Neeva blocks ads and affiliate links, which is the main need for all shopping research without any confusion.

  • Connect through the home page and click on an item in the Top Reviewed Products section. Here, you can see the pane opens up on the right-hand side with various details.
  • Here, you can see the highlighted part of “research,” though, and not online shopping in general. This is because Neeva blocks ads and affiliate links, so you have to focus more on the reviews than actual shopping links.
  • Eventually, you can tap via a product, for example Amazon. But it’s not close to a shopping link-heavy as other browsers. Due to this, the majority of the users will find it as a bonus.
  • Neeva completely blocks or restricts the ads and affiliate links, which is clear when you search, particularly if you’re looking for products to purchase.
  • Using the Settings menu, you may get a few options. Complete them with simple two-step verification to add extra protection to password-protected online areas. You can even use a QR code if at all you want to sign-in to Neeva on another device, including iPhone.

In-depth Features:

  • When you use the Memory Mode, Neeva will definitely remember some of your search activity to necessities customized suggestions and results. This is a usual process by default. So, if at all you want to experience the tracker-free experience- you shall want to turn it off during the initial process.
  • If you are preferring a Neeva extension, you can see the tracking cookies and tracking requests will be blocked by default. Concerning the active Memory Mode option- which acts as a link to Erase Memory, that will get rid of your search behavior.
  • Hence, Neeva is being treated as a highly safe browser, they know more about you than it may seem. Connect via the provided Privacy policy (opens in new tab), a decent amount of data will be collected as per the users.
  • Finally, though Neeva doesn’t share your information with any of the third parties, you can expect it to happen in several ways.


  • Let’s start with Neeva.com by feeding your email address, and hitting the Try It Free! button.
  • Just sign up and create a password, then hit the Create Neeva Account.
  • As we know, it’s a usual procedure that a search engine requires. More frequently, you have to utilize the search engine on the dedicated webpage or you need to download the software to your computer. Whereas, It’s rare to be mandatory to sign up for a search engine.
  • Right after your account is set up, the Neeva home page layout may welcome you. It’s quite customizable, mentioning your current location, local weather, search ideas, news headlines, and more.

Enabled with Other Applications

You are let free to get configured through various apps which includes Dropbox, your Google products, Slack, and more. Configuring the app to Neeva, lets you use the content from those apps that may be included in search results.

For example: Use the Neeva search engine to locate something in your email.

To be known: You have an effective Spaces feature that lets you save and categorize search results.

This resembles the improved version of classic bookmarks. If at all you are searching, Hit the Bookmark icon on a shown result to save it to one of your Spaces.

AI-powered search

Much has been written about the potential for OpenAI’s ChatGPT — an AI chatbot trained to generate human-like text in response to prompts — to disrupt the search engine status quo.


Neeva is efficient with beta testing NeevaAI, a feature which can work a lot like ChatGPT — delivering conversational, text-based responses to queries. Yet, you can escape from other shortcomings.

“NeevaAI represents the synthesized single answer summarizing the furthermost relevant sites to a query,” Ramaswamy states that Freethink. “Prominently, references and citations are effectively embedded in the answer. This lets the users to control the authenticity and trustworthiness of the search result.”

Sources Supports

Neeva’s browser extension can run seamlessly on other major browsers which may include Brave, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. Surprisingly¸even with the iOS app.


  • You no need any software to download
  • More privacy features
  • Online shopping research features
  • Personalized home page support
  • Advanced bookmarks feature


  • Payment procedure should be done right after trial usage/period
  • Gathers a good amount of data
  • Not satisfied with the visually appealing when compared with competitors