How To Use An iPad As A Second Monitor in Windows System | 2nd Screen

Want to try the usage of the iPad as a second Monitor on Windows? Here, you have the right spot through which you can accomplish the best second Monitor windows.

List of tools that can be used with iPad as a Second Monitor on Windows

  • ApowerMirror
  • LetsView
  • Splashtop


Want to experience the flawless second Monitor effect on your iPad? ApowerMirror is a vital tool for using iPad as a second monitor on windows through the screen mirroring application called ApowerMirror.
You can, it is a diverse platform through which you can work perfectly on different devices like iOS and PC. Whereas it consists of built-in tools that can be used while mirroring like recording, and a built-in whiteboard to list down your notes.

How to get ApowerMirror application:

  • Initially, get this particular APowerMirror app and install it on your devices.
  • Then, Launch the app on your devices. At the same time, use your iPad, and tap the blue M button.
  • Prefer the Mirror PC to Phone to initiate the mirroring.

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LetsView is a similar application like listed on the screen. You can represent this as a free screen mirroring application that is quite compatible with both iPad and Windows PC.

Hence, you can use this tool to connect the iPad as a second monitor for your PC. Furthermore, available with a friendly interface and built-in tools as well.

How to get LetsView application:

  • To begin with, download the LetsView on your devices and install it afterward.
  • Access the app and choose the name of your computer.
  • Pick the computer screen mirroring and that will automatically mirror your pc to your iPad. And, yes, you are done.

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SplashTop distributes the best-value remote access, remote support, and screen mirroring solutions in a problem-free manner.

This supports personalizing the display by accessing the display Software in the Windows taskbar. From this, you can either modify the frame rate, screen quality, and resolution to your liking.

How to get SplashTop Application

  • Download & install the SplashTop on your iPad and SplashTop XDisplay Agent on your windows PC.
  • Wait until you can see the complete installation process- connect your iPad to your Windows computer via a standard charging cable.
  • Now, start the SplashDisplay software on both your PC and iPad. Later, the desktop appears on the iPad screen. It may show you a little bit slow, but it must operate like any other secondary monitor.

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Alternative ways:

How to Use Your iPad as a Second Monitor for Free?

We have various methods to use your iPad as a secondary monitor without any fees or subscriptions. One of the best ways you can accomplish this is with the free version of SplashTop. Track these simple instructions to proceed below:

  1. Initially, make sure you have iTunes installed on your Windows computer.
  2. Install SplashTop on your iPad and SplashTop XDisplay Agent on your PC.
  3. If you are done with the installation process, connect your Apple device to your Windows computer through the standard charging cable.
  4. Now, Initiate the SplashDisplay software on both your PC and iPad. Later, you have to notice whether your desktop appears on the iPad screen or not.
  5. Confirm whether your device is on “extend” by holding the function key. A menu must be open up on the right-hand side of the screen. Finally, use the option- “extend.”

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Can we use an iPad as a Second Monitor Wirelessly?

If you like to experience the wireless method, make use of your iPad as a second monitor through Spacedesk, which lets you connect your devices wirelessly.

To be known: You can implement this mirroring via your physical desk space and that can enable you to charge your iPad instantaneously.

Eventually, Spacedesk supports HD resolutions and you can do your required customization using the stated features. To bring up Spacedesk, utilize the below steps carefully:

  1. Initially, try to install Spacedesk on your iPad and Windows PC.
  2. If both the applications are finished installing, Simply connect your computer and iPad using the same WiFi network.
  3. Look for the active Spacedesk software from your Windows search function. Connect through the app and create a desktop shortcut to implement faster.
  4. Operate via Spacedesk software on your iPad. Wait until you get the approval prompt on your screen. Hit OK and permit Spacedesk to locate and pair the devices on your WiFi network.
  5. You have to inspect your computer’s name that appears on the iPad app. Confirm with ‘Connection.’ Finally, here you can see your Windows screen on your iPad.
  6. During the process, you may have chances to get error messages or prompts, try to uninstall any other screen monitoring tools like SplashTop, Duet Display, iDisplay, etc. Finally, Wait until it gets removed, simply reconnect it again.

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How can I use my PC as a second screen?

If your PC has iTunes, simply, download Splashtop on your iPad to implement it on the second screen. Further, it permits the users to remotely access their desktop on a smaller screen which includes iPad, though the display is a bit inactive, it is yet a good application for mirroring.

How to cast the iPad to another screen like Windows 10?

Configure the iPad to your PC through a lightning cable. Access the app and much later, you can see the desktop displayed on your iPad. Here, we have Duet Display, another application intended to cast your iPad to another screen like Windows and vice-versa. Eventually, it shows the retina display with zero lag, ideal for workloads.