Swobo Bikes Features, Price, and Review: Let’s Start a Ride

Are you excited to experience the tightest ride you’ve ever had before? probably not a bike, but through Swobo. The Swobo Sanchez is best among the cleanest chassis out which permits the user or you to reach the destination with much thrill. In this, the rear hub is featured with adjustable flipped, only if you run a fixed gear. The entire bike is collected for fit and function (operation) before being disassembled, so you can be free to begin DIY when it comes to your doorstep.

Interesting fact:
Reason for the name “BIKE”
Whereas this name comes from these two words – the prefix “bi-” meaning two, and the suffix “-cycle” meaning wheel.

How brands hold Swobo?

Swobo connects through Santa Cruz, California, to Fort Collins, Colorado, which is represented as a brand re-launch that has new ownership.

Eventually, as the recent report, it declares that Peter Discoe, 42, of Columbia, South Carolina, and three partners have received the license or agreement for a partnership with Santa Cruz Bicycles to reconstruct the brand.

At the same time, Discoe’s new company is named as Fort Collins Bicycle Co. Whereas, the founder wanted to inform Coloradoan that his company is “attempting to generate a ‘lifestyle brand’ with Swobo through which people can experience the excitement of possessing their products.”

Santa Cruz Bicycles bought Swobo in 2001 from Tim Parr, who founded the company in 1991. In which, Parr walked back to the days when he was a minority owner. This is how the brand starts to get exposed concerning various usages and support from users.

Let’s see the Sowbo Bikes Features:

Swobo bikes upholds the simplicity of a fixed-gear bike, which is quite inspirational—elegant, fast, well-organized, and serviceable. Exposed of adornment, this bike is the essence of mechanism which shows the cleanest conversion of human effort just into speed:

One gear>direct drive > no coasting > no brakes

Here, the Fixed-gear bikes which include Swobo’s Sanchez (ranging from $599) have been around right from the beginning of cycling, but in recent times- it has become enormously famous particularly in the last decade (last three years). In which, the bike’s chain Interlinks the front gear to a rear cog, which is highly secured to the hub.

You can trace any freewheel, no derailleur, and if the wheels are rotating the pedals are turning. Due to this, you may feel like Riding isn’t easy at initial usage of this bike. To overcome this, you need to put backward pressure on the pedals. But, it gives you the feeling like- you were not connected to your bike.

Fixies and other more:

When it comes to “fixies”, the majority are handmade, modified from its older version/frames with low budget. Here, the cro-moly steel frame is galvanized and prepared. This process may include procedures like thrashed, stickered, nicked, dented, and thrown around, to make sense.

Furthermore, the parts are effectively from an off-brand and, actually, insignificant to the ride. Finally, it can satisfy the maximum number of users with its functions like being fast, and absolutely silent while you make a ride.

How does it appear?

You may find some learning curves to fixies, but the majority of cyclists adapt rapidly. As per the experience of the cyclist, during the initial usage or first attempt of cycling, you may feel uncontrollable. But definitely, you can feel the instinct that tries to coast—ouch. Or if at all you aim down a hill and understand you’re approaching terminal velocity with no brakes shockingly.

Cyclists have reported that riding a fixie has been compared to playing chess. This is due to which you need a plan ahead—only this time, it’s chess with significance.

As per the current trends in fixies and which represent the subcultural edge being rounded by the mainstream.


Swobo became out of trend or business in 2000 and was sold to Santa Cruz in 2001. Right after the trip, Parr founded a brand strategy and plan firm, Parr Goldman & Byrne. This company has functioned with L.L. Bean, Patagonia, Timbuk2, Von Zipper eyewear, and Kona.

Purchasing a bike has become the toughest job or problematic over the past year. This is due to the result of demand far surpassing supply thanks generally to the belongings of Covid-19.

Final words:

Hope, the information related to Swobo bikes might be helpful for you in aspects of knowledge. On the other hand, it can also guide you on your purchase.