36 Best Useless Web On The Internet | Fun Website To Kill Some Time

It’s highly interesting to pick this topic and get the best out of this – What is the term called useless web? Let’s put forth a general phrase stating – Friday is the hardest day of the week. Unless you pick the day off, of course.

As we know, the weekend is a periodic corner, still, you face this trend. Likewise, there are some useless websites on the world wide web which are being accessed for one or another reason by the users. Probably the people who have lots of time to get connected with. Seriously, some people will relatively have some spare time and they’ve come up with all these crazy, yet absolutely hopeless websites.

But here, fun is guaranteed with those websites – let’s look up!

List of Useless Web

Cat Bounce

Cat Bounce Useless Website Screenshot

Cats are a chief in internet meme culture as we discussed above, so it only makes sense that there are numerous useless websites just bringing up the cat’s themes, front, and center. Cat bounce is a completely useless website reference to our list.

How to work on: Here, on this website, the Cats simply bounce all over the page. But you need to relax, it gets better! Click the “make it rain” button, and a deluge of cats rains down right from the top of the screen.

Doesn’t that make sense? Absolutely. But it’s a useless website you may not expect any useful source to take place.


HackerTyper Useless Website Screenshot

HackerTyper is one of the useless websites that can still exist but you are unable to quiet your finger on why it exists. Possibly it was planned to live out those 90s hacker film fantasies in real life, in order to make justice for Hackers or Weird Science.

You can also mention them as amusing interactive web pages and if some prefer letters to code. Want to look up – such a website and play around in between your spare time. You can take it for learning code with lots of fun that can bring a tension-free setup for some users.

One Fish Studio’s useless cat game

One Fish Studio’s useless cat game website screenshot

You may sound silly or out of trend? But, cats are virtually synonymous with internet culture as we all know. In reference to that, One Fish Studio brings out a cheeky little game in order to waste time on your busy schedule rather than some productive time.

You have to select a random color and you’ll be satisfied with — you predicted it — and you can find a cat with laser eyes. (Of course, it’s an internet thing, so why not?)

Useless Cat Game has come with its own purpose: Even though being a useless website for people with nothing beneficial-but can spoil the time using this website. You even have the option to check out the name instead.

How to work on: Just Clicking on a random color to expose a silly cat with laser sci-fi eyes is super fun.

Long Doge Challenge

Long Doge Challenge Useless Web Screenshot

Useless websites are just to spoil your meantime without any work and nothing fun, you are most definitely aware of the internet’s affinity for the Doge. Type Long Doge Challenge on your web search.

If at all you require one good chuckle, You have to find out about this site. Here, you may inquire about the glorious pixel graphic of the internet’s beloved pup, the Doge. In accordance with the scroll or flick of your finger, you may collect wows — yes, wows!

As per the game, you have to collect around 25 wows, and reference to the web page – you may get, my Doge is “wow wow long.” It is a completely useless web in all its glory? Yes. This is a systematically useless website yet overall remarkable nonetheless.

Are you expecting more useless and interesting websites? You can proceed below


procatinator useless web screenshot

No matter what, cats are always in sync with internet stuff. When it comes to the procrastinator, it’s the leading useless website that is widely used by many heads.

You can see many gifs of cats flawlessly agreeing to well-known tunes. Momentarily, the perfect intention is to buy some time.

Click to remove

Click to remove useless website screenshot

Yes, of course, this click to remove may sound silly and can be a pointless game. But, it is one of the most useless websites ever.


Heeeeeeeey.com useless website screenshot

If you require a bit of encouragement, You can go with this site. You can see it may switch between a long Heeeey! to an even more long Hooo!

Table of fun and useless websites

S.No. Website Theme
1 staggeringbeauty.com Snake – Mouse Move
2 checkboxrace.com Check Box Game
3 thatsthefinger.com Finger – Mouse Move
4 jacksonpollock.org Drawing – Mouse Move
5 cursoreffects.com Cursor Effect
6 smashthewalls.com Click To Smash It
7 koalastothemax.com Click Circle
8 endless.horse Endless Horse
9 chrismckenzie.com Mouse Move
10 yesnoif.com Shape – Mouse Click
11 thezen.zone Meditating
12 drawing.garden Drawing Garden Music
13 boredbutton.com Bored?
14 ffffidget.com Spin
15 creativetechguy.com Fish Feeder
16 smashthewalls.com Click To Smash It
17 omfgdogs.com Dogs
18 eelslap.com Slap
19 amazondating.co Amazon Dating
20 donothingfor2minutes.com Do Nothing For 2 Minutes
21 rainymood.com Set Rainy Mood
22 yeahlemons.com Hover Lemons
23 lacquerlacquer.com Coloring
24 strobe.cool Illusion
25 potatoortomato.com Potato vs Tomato
26 scroll-o-meter.club Scroll To Run
27 blankwindows.com Track And Move Window
28 spaceis.cool Space Circle
29 boringboringboring.com Boring Letter Scroll On Monier
30 wowenwilsonquiz.com Take Quiz


Final words: Hope, the useless website information may give you useless knowledge on how to waste your meantime- rather spending in pointless source as it states, useless.


How to browse useless websites?

Select any of the useless sites, just click and browse on the random button. choose Useless Web: Directory of the most useless websites. The hugeness of the Internet is entirely useless sites that yet make us laugh horribly.

Can the Useless Web Save Your Life?

If you are in front of your desk at work and are extremely bored, a theuselessweb.com can get you the best save-your-life thing. The Useless Web is a fun place. Use the home page, which can prompt you to tap on the “Please” button and random, in return for the phrase “Take me to another useless website”.

Are there any useless websites that will make you laugh?

In accordance with these useless sites which are completely not usable, but definitely make you laugh at least. It shows the best part of a fun list that consists of some pointless or useless websites. Which literally leaves you with pain in your stomach. Hence, few websites are attractive, horrible, and funny.

Is it good to follow useless websites on Instagram?

It’s all up to you. You absolutely need roughly more exciting than the normal post that can be shared with your friends. As per the listed useless websites, you can get some help from useless websites to kill boredom and let you appreciate them in a diverse manner.