The Best Free Note-Taking App on the Internet

What is Note-taking?

Note-taking is an effective process through which you can capture information right from the source or event. You can represent your note in various forms like recording, writing, jotting, paraphrasing, sketching, labeling, outlining, and annotating.

This note-taking can be efficiently used in diverse fields to bring out their data rendered or categorized properly. Let’s see the list of applications that are used to establish hassle-free note-making.

Microsoft OneNote – suits iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Web

Microsoft OneNote is an efficient and diverse note-taking app.

OneNote is an amazingly free form that is available with options to take notes. Every Notebook is demonstrated off a ring-binder, so it’s separated into sections with subdivisions called pages. In reference to this, every pages will basically support canvas in which you can add any kind of note you like, anywhere in the direction you specify.

Simply, drag and drop in an image, you can click anywhere and add some text notes beside it. It is highly recommended for students and anyone else Who wants to take long, expansive notes about something, instead of people expecting a digital notebook to fold-up short snippets and random thoughts.

You can highlight 5 tabs:

  • Home: Using this tab, you can get all your basic formatting tools.
  • Insert: Here, you can simply attach files, images, audio recordings, and more using this tab.
  • Draw: Using this, you can easily free drawings and can utilize more highlighting tools.
  • View: This supports you to navigate the document and optimize the needs.
  • Finally, Tell me: It supports any version of word, Excel, or PowerPoint using this note-taking application.


  • You can trust this application as it is quite familiar- OneNote.
  • When it comes to pricing, although OneNote is free, it uses your OneDrive storage. You will be getting 5GB included, which is quite enough for the majority of people. But if at all you use the OneDrive to store your photos, or save a lot of image and audio notes, you may hit against that limit. If needed, you can extend by getting 100 GB for $1.99/month.
  • Using OneNote’s Zapier integration, you have the automate OneNote to eradicate the disturbance of moving information between apps.


  • If the storage requirement is high, you cannot use this without a subscription.

Best note-taking app for Apple users – Apple Notes (iOS, macOS, Web)

If you’re fixed in Apple’s ecosystem, you need not have to look too far for a great, free note-taking app. Apple Notes may support Notes or iCloud Notes, liable on how you’re operating it on your macOS and iOS, which can also be accessed via an active browser.

All you want to do is, move on with, and you may obtain an online version of the app with all your synced notes—even though you use a PC or Chromebook. This can also be called as a nice bonus that retains your notes from being focused on Apple devices, as long as you have iCloud space to store your stuff.

Yes, the first-party Apple app, Notes, enrolls better in the whole Apple ecosystem. Here, One crafty feature is that you can utilize your iPhone or iPad to add content directly from the Notes on your Mac. Here, pick the new note, tap on Attach dropdown> Take Photo, Scan Document, and Add Sketch> Scan Document.

For example: The camera will open on your iOS device and you can be able to perform a scan, process, and add letters, recipes, bank statements, and any other documents as PDFs.

While not as basic as it once was, Apple Notes is still very practical and verifies all the requirements for a great note-taking app. When it comes to Power-user features, it is highly useful, but the majority of users aren’t powered users—and Apple knows it.


  • Apple Notes is highly convenient, user-friendly, and even supports Siri.
  • Eventually, the workability is getting better. Apple freshly added tags—type #whatever to add one to any note—and if you want to share this with other Apple users, and now even @mention them.
  • Search is quite effective & powerful. You can easily get the exact images, text you’ve written, a particular attachment, drawings, text scanned in a document, and more.


Apple Notes Price: Expensive on monthly basis. It is available with free 5GB of storage reference to any iCloud services right from $0.99/month for 50GB.

Now, let’s quickly review the added note-taking application reference to their Pro’s & Con’s highlighted.


Overview: Suggest a powerful, database-driven note-taking knowledge that other apps fail to show-up.


  • Flexible pages. Notion consists of a template engine that permits you to get a pretty easily-duplicated template, that includes a multi-layered collection of pages. Eventually, it enhances with great media embedding and previewing tools, counting a gallery view for photos and videos.
  • Powerful tables. The tables in Notion aren’t unbiased charts; they’re databases. Look at Notion’s databases as Google Docs + Google Sheets. Here, each row in a table contains its own Notion page which can be easily updated or used.
  • Nested hierarchical organization. We hope, you are restless with this. But Notion can bring you the right way. You even can have a scope of text in a dropdown. Connect through and roll it up when you require non-immediate information out of the way.
  • Hybrid editor. Notion allows you to make a proper Markdown or utilize normal keyboard shortcuts and UI elements to format your text.
  • Free personal accounts. The normal existence of storage is a 5 MB file upload limit, Notion has many free plans that offer everything you can utilize during the notes taking process.


No offline support. Presently, You are supposed to have an internet connection to access the Notion. Whereas, the team is trying to change this drawback, but as of now- big limitations at the moment.
Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Web


Overview: Bear features seems to be much more powerful Markdown competence with an excellent writing experience. Here, the only downside is its lack of Windows support.


  • Hybrid Markdown editor: Here, you do not need to consider what is formatted Markdown appears like after you write because Bear formats text as you type.
  • Simple organizational system: with the help of “#” and “/”, Bear permits the tag of each note and nests those mentioned tags within each other. #NestedHierarchy
  • Archive feature: It is quite small, but a time-saving feature. Archiving a note takes it out of search and group just without deleting it.
  • Clean writing experience: Where the bear might seem to be out of the box — writing is readable, simple, and clean. The Premium version provides you with a half dozen free themes that look even slicker.


  • Just Mac and iPhone: If you have a Windows setup, it won’t be your choice.
  • Limited organization: Right after a few months of usage of Bear, It bounces up compared to the limitations of its association system.


It’s free for its best features, but still, you are required- you can activate the Pro subscription ($1.49 / month) to sync your notes between devices & to receive the additional export options. Platforms: iOS, Mac

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