Slink Online Multiplayer Game Free on Pc and Mobile – Gameplay is a pretty cool and uncomplicated or easy-handling online snake game. This game was offered by Apps2US Studios and it was released on 21th Jan 2018. Slink comes under the adventure game category. The game version 2.4.4 may access your storage and other specifications on your device. And you are permitted to disable access for these permissions in
Your settings Menu. This game might be suitable for a 7-10 years old child. The above picture is an interface of the game.

Slink Basic Rules:

The basic rule of the game is to grow as big as possible and block the way of other snakes and kill them. is similar to the ancient snake game. You have to grab the light glowing particles and your score will increase to become a master. You need to control your snake from top to bottom.

There are two modes and two specifications available in this game.

Game Modes

  • Single players.
  • multi-players.

The single-player mode is similar to all ancient snakes games. There is no need for internet access in single-player mode.

In multiplayer mode, we wanna internet access while playing with other players. Players are told that multiplayer mode is fake or there is no live-action with other players.

Two specifications

  • Game controls
  • This game has two control modes.

    1. Arrow control
    2. Joystick control
  • Choose snake
  • You can choose more varieties of colored snakes.

How to Play Slink Game Tips:-

Go fast at the center of the map and steal food from enemies, cross the path of big snakes to get them to run into your body. games have cartoonish graphics features with no sound or music. You have to enter your name to play the game.

How to download the slink io game

The game is available on the google play store. You can download the slink game on pc and android mobile from the Google Play Store. And if you want to play online, just use the link below (yandex website).

On the Yandex website, you can modify the skins option by clicking the skin button.

slink io select the dragon and change skins

A new feature of this Game:-

  • Fantastic idle 33 new skinned snakes are added.
  • Making IT Total of 110.
  • Minor bugs are fixed.
  • The game performance is much smoother than ever.

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Game Trailer Video