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Open subtitles = Special EBU standards with restricted captioning spec
OpenSubtitles is a group of multilingual parallel corpora. The dataset is grouped from a large database of movie and TV subtitles and includes a total of 1689 bitexts spanning 2.6 billion sentences widely among 60 languages.

Interesting fact: Edwin S. Potter’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin was the one who featured full-fledged subtitles for the complete-length movie in the year 1903.

How to Download Subtitles From

  • Open the active web browser page and type applications for subtitles on the search bar. You can use if needed.
  • Then, prefer your own language using the Search button. Prefer and confirm the language through which you can see the movie.
  • After selecting the subtitle language, Specify the film or television show name that you would like to download subtitles. As per the search result, click to your needs.
  • Note: While downloading or setting up settings, you need to be active with your internet connection.
  • Confirm the download process by tapping the Download button. The subtitle file will be added in a zip file with a .nfo file. In order to remove it, use .nfo and keep the other one.

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Benefits Of Subtitles

Some of the benefits of subtitles include:

  • Subtitles support the viewers who are unable to bear sound or have an issue with hearing to track the mood and emotions of the video.
  • Eventually, helps the people to recognize and follow the video better & clearly.
  • Subtitle details will make you expose videos to a wide global audience.
  • Subtitles improve the engagement of videos. As per the stats, the audience’s chance of completing the video has improved from 66% to 91% after adding the subtitles to the video.
  • Even many reaches & studies found that subtitles aid people in refining their language knowledge.
  • Finally, subtitles and subtitle translations help videos with a global SEO boost.

List of Popular Subtitle Websites:


What are the different types of subtitling services?

If it is a video subtitling service, major subtitling guides categorize subtitles with reference to three broad types.

  • Open caption
  • Closed caption
  • Subtitles for deaf and hard of hearing (SDH).

Where can you download the subtitles?

You have various sources on the internet to download the subtitles, but you need to be sure of the standard range of secured websites to download as per your device’s needs.

How to download subtitles from YouTube for free?

First, you have to select the video and select English or desired subtitle language. Once you have selected the language and ensure the page is activated with that language. Select the type of movie or tv show name whose subtitles you need to download. The website will try to recognize the name during your search.

How To Download And Add Subtitles Of Movies Free – Opensubtitles Video